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Linda Hooper


Linda Hooper

Linda Hooper is a Texas native and has over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry. Beginning her career at New York Life, she gained a solid knowledge of all lines of insurance. After several successful years, she identified where her expertise allowed her to help her clients most, specializing in employee benefits. Linda has dedicated her professional career to ensuring her clients have a strong understanding and clear plan of action for their employee benefits programs. Her consultative style and depth of knowledge has enabled her to create cost containment strategies for large commercial employers, municipalities, medical systems and small employers throughout Texas and beyond.

Linda enjoys travelling, the outdoors and is an avid skeet shooter. She has volunteered and served on many charitable boards and believes in giving back. By understanding all aspects of her community, she believes she can better serve her clients.

"We work to create long term sustainable health care in the marketplace, while putting people before profit. Our clients depend on us to protect their employees and the Company's alility to thrive. ~Linda Hooper