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Jonathan Lesniewski


Jonathan Lesniewski

Jonathan Lesniewski is a Tyler native. After playing baseball for TJC, he went on to graduate from Baylor University in 2004. With 15+ years in the insurance industry, Jonathan has progressed from a captive Nationwide agent to the principal partner at Lesniewski & Parker Insurance. In 2013 Jonathan expanded his portfolio to specialize in complex Oil and Gas Services. His ability and depth of knowledge ensure his client's needs are being met and that strategic plans are being put in place to accommodate any future needs.

Jonathan enjoys spending time with his amazing wife and three daughters. Both Jonathan and his wife enjoy teaching Sunday School at South Spring Baptist Church. Jonathan has built his agency with professionals that feel a strong commitment to God, Family & Community.

"Every day I am excited to go to work with the tremendous staff at Lesniewski & Parker Insurance, where we take care of needs from large oil and gas corporations to the individual family household needs. I love being involved in a business and industry that is built upon trust and loyalty between the client and the agent. That is a huge part of who I am and may parents raised me to be. I am very thankful to lead an agency where clients become friends and friends become clients." ~Jonathan Lesniewski